About Kate

yellowKate Baldwin is a yogi, a teacher, an improvisor, a writer, a cat-lady, a cook, a novice musician, a historical tour junkie, and a lover of all things ocean. She owns more new-agey and self help/yoga books than most libraries, although David Sedaris, JR Tolkien, and Shakespeare are the wordsmiths who make her heart swoon.

Kate has┬ádedicated┬áthe last 15 years of her life to yoga. Although she still dabbles via her online yoga school Yoga Revolutionaries, her life focus has expanded. Inspired by honesty, authenticity, and those who show up to life, she continues to explore what’s in front of her, most recently being comedy, reacting to it all with her own unique blend of poise and awkwardness.

Although she lives all over the place, she calls Virginia her home. This is where she spends most of her time, residing with her longtime partner, Terry O’Quinn, and their two cats, one named after a silent film actor and the other a prolific gangster.

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